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Submission Guidelines


We strive to provide you with the best service.  Yes we are new but very flexible.  If there are advertising needs not available thru other media that you would like to explore, please contact us.  With our format, once your paid ad is received, it goes live without delays waiting to the beginning or the following month

Ads will be run on a monthly schedule. You may place your Ad at anytime. As soon as your ad is submitted, it will be reviewed and when it is accepted an invoice link will be sent to you. Upon payment, your Ad will be placed on the site as soon as possible. The Ad will be placed under the appropriate heading. Location will start with the “Country” and will then be placed under the section of the “Country” that best describes the location. If you are advertising for multiple locations, let us know what heading you would like your Ad to appear. If your Ad is to run multiple times, you may make one payment for that total. If you prefer to pay monthly we will send a payment link at each 30 day interval. Payment is due upon receipt of the payment link.

We require a physical address in your Ad.  A P.O. Box is acceptable.

If you have a website, include the site name.  If it is text only, we will place a link to your website with your text.  If it is a picture we will provide  a link from picture to your site.

Any Questions please email  

Ad Placement

Whenever possible every effort will be made to place Ad within the area of travel you have chosen.

Payment Terms

You will receive an payment link via email for your Ad. Payments are due as soon as your Ad is approved. Once payment is received via the payment link, your Ad will be entered on the web page as soon as possible.

Text Only  Ad’s

Electronic submission of Text only ad’s is preferred.
For  text only Ad’s,  MS Word is preferred, but  PDF files are acceptable.
Bold the words you wish to be bold, use Caps on word you wish to be in caps.

Text only Ad’s are  $ .50 a word for a montly Ad placement. E-mail and web addresses will count as one (1) word.

Email ad’s to  

Picture Ad’s

Media Requirements

  • Advertiser is responsible for image design and any revisions.
  • Advertiser certifies full ownership or copyright permission obtained on all images used in ads.
  • Acceptable formats are JPG, GIF, PNG.
  • Ad images must be submitted as e-mail attachments.
  • Advertiser provides a valid linking website.
  • Audio files only when initiated by user click. (You provide link)
  • No animation.


Media Rates


Per month based on number of months ordered 1X 3X 6X 9X 12X DIMENSIONS: w x h
SMALL $125 $120 $113 $106 $100 3 X 3
MEDIUM $250 $238 $225 $213 $200 6 X 3
WIDE $500 $475 $450 $425 $400 12 X 3
Quarter page $250 $238 $225 $213 $200 3 x 6
Half page $500 $475 $450 $425 $400 6 X 6
Full page $1,000 $950 $900 $850 $800 12 X 9


Click to see Example of picture sizes


Limit of Liability

In the event of an error by Tours, Guides, Drivers and More Ad’s (TGDAM) the Ad will be republished correctly with no additional charge.

Advertising Restriction

Tours, Guides, Drivers and More Ad’s (TGDMA) does not carry any General Ad’s unrelated to travel.